• 3 UK prepaid PAYG Data SIM card

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    3 UK prepaid PAYG Data SIM card
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    If you are heading to the 3 UK Pay As You Go prepaid Data SIM card gives you the best deal for data!
    SIM Size:
    All SIMs are now TRIO SIMs [you just pop out to the sizes you require whether Mini/Micro/Nano]
    All SIMs are preloaded with 3GB valid for 3 months from the first time you put the SIM in your phone

    It is also as good as deal as you are going to find anywhere for their ‘Feel at Home’ countries which include:

    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • France
    • Hong Kong
    • Indonesia
    • Italy
    • Israel
    • Macau
    • Norway
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Sri Lanka
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • US

    See more info on ‘Feel at Home’ on the product info page & the now extended list of countries (most of EU) here– this is an awesome deal if you are going to these countries!


    Full information on the 3 UK Phone SIM here at dataGO 


    There are two types of Data SIMs:
    1)    Blank SIM (just buy credit - you add the plan):
    There are 3 main plans available (30 day validity)
    1GB = £10.49
    3GB = £20.49
    12GB = £70.49

    2)    Preloaded SIM (BACK IN STOCK):
    The preloaded starter SIM with 3GB preloaded
    3GB = 3 month validity

    Product Details
    Supplied Ready-to-go.
    The SIMs are unactivated so you will get the Full 3GB & 90 Days Free from the day you first start using the SIM.
    Once the 3GB is finished you can simply purchase another Three Top-up in the UK of from us...or buy another SIM from us.
    No registration or activation required - just start surfing 
    Can be used in any unlocked 3G dongle, 3G phone or device
    Data Sim Card for Three Dongles / Mifi Devices / Unlocked Dongles in the UK

    Please Note: You cannot make phone calls or send texts with these SIMs, they are for data use only.

  • 3 UK prepaid PAYG Data SIM card
  • 3 UK prepaid PAYG Data SIM card

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