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    T-Mobile USA

    T-Mobile USA SIM card
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  • Description

    We can activate these SIMs on the plan you select for the date you choose (set departure date in checkout ...select it a few days ahead of time if you want the number sent thru a few days prior to you leaving).

    All plans include:
    - Unlimited US calling and international sms
    - International talk pack plus , which gives unlimited international landline calling (ie calls to landlines outside US)
    - usd$5 balance credit, which gives roughly 60min of calls to Aust mobiles (ie usd$0.07/min to Aust mobiles)
    - fast 4G/LTE data where available, ability to hotspot/share data, and slows to 128 Kbps when you have used fast data allotment

    Then just select the amount of data required: 

    AUD$70 - 3GB 4G LTE Data

    AUD$90 - 5GB 4G LTE Data

    AUD$110 - 10GB 4G LTE Data

    SIM Sizes:

    All SIMs are TRIO SIMs - pop out to size required

    Phone number:

    We will send thru the phone number once we activate the SIM on the date you selected for activation (select this date in checkout).

    T-Mobile is one of the largest networks in the US, however the bulk of their 3G/4G coverage is on the 1700MHz signal which most phones outside the US won’t receive- which basically means slower data speeds. You will still get nationwide 2G coverage, and in an increasing number of the major US cities T-Mobile is switching to 3G/4G coverage on the 1900MHz signal, which most later model smartphones will pick up.

    These plans have a US$15 add-on that allows unlimited calls to Australian landlines (and 55 other countries), and discounted calls to mobiles US$0.07/min.

    Skype and Viber are probably your best alternatives to avoid high international call charges as long as you have lots of data. 

    Important info
    Unlock phone
    To use a T-Mobile SIM, your phone must be unlocked from any network.


    You need to select the special Blackberry plan to have mobile web working

    You have 90 days of inactivity before the SIM expires and you will lose any unused credit. The best option to keep active for long periods, is switch to the pay-per-use plan and add US$100 and it will be good for a full year.

    Roaming rates
    Roaming rates apply for overseas use see here- not available for most countries on prepaid (exc Canada and Mexico), however data rates a very high, so not recommended anyway.

    Refill options and quick dial numbers
    Setup Auto Pay:
    Sign in to your account and set-up

    Check Balance:
    Dial #999#

    Forgot Phone Number:
    Dial #686 or (#NUM#)

    Check Minutes:
    Dial #646# (#MIN)

    Check Web use:
    DIAL #932#

    For Prepaid Monthly Plans:
    http://home.we2go.com (my account)

    Customer Care:
    Dial *8646 or 1-877-778-2106

    Emergency Dial 911 (for police, fire, & ambulance)

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